BREXIT: the word has become part of our daily lives, and the process of leaving the European Union is set to affect us all in Pembrokeshire.

Two years after the county overwhelmingly voted leave, PCC unveiled its Brexit impact log.

This document looks at 19 ways that Brexit could affect the county, 18 of which were listed as negative.

The only positive effect listed was the possibility of reduced demand for services if the population is reduced, the probability of which was listed as unknown.

Meanwhile, in Narberth, more than 30 people have met for the launch of pro-EU group, Pembrokeshire for Europe.

The group met to discuss the growing demand across the UK for a People's Vote to be held once negotiations with the EU are concluded.

The People's Vote campaign seeks to ensure that the government's Brexit deal is put before the country in a public vote.

A total of 39,155 voted to leave in Pembrokeshire on June 23, 2016, against 29,367 remain voters. We want to hear from you: would the vote be the same today?

Should there be a vote to decide if the deal is the right one? Have your say in our poll and in the comments below.