HERE are reports of police activity in Wisemans Bridge, near Saundersfoot, this evening (Wednesday).

A witness told the Western Telegraph that armed officers are in the area.

Another said they saw two officers standing watch at a local caravan park.

Police dogs are also understood to be at the scene.

"One has a big gun and one has another kind, and there are dogs there too," said a witness.

Officers were also stationed at nearby Coppet Hall, and in Saundersfoot.

At 6.45pm, police tweeted: "Officers were in the Wisemans Bridge area of Pembs, following reports of a man in possession of a knife this afternoon.

"Thorough searches have taken place.

"No one was injured, but we're keen to find and detain the man swiftly in order to minimise any risk to anyone in the area.

"We would stress that there is no need to be alarmed.

"The man is described as black, of large build and has dreadlocks, and may be accompanied by a blonde woman with a terrier type dog.

"Please do not approach them, but report any sightings to police by 101."

LATEST: Police continue hunt for man believed in possession of knife