PEMBROKESHIRE residents have been left with slow internet speeds, despite everything being in place for superfast broadband.

Residents of West Williamston have had fibre cable connected to the edge of the village, but none of the houses have been connected.

One resident, Alistair Edwards, told the BBC that when he signed up to BT they said he would be able to get a superfast service.

He said: “According to their records we have superfast, but we don't.

"It's frustrating because 80per cent of the work has been done.

"There is a fibre cable just outside the village hanging from a telegraph pole. It just hasn't been connected to the properties."

Marina Griffiths, chair of Carew Community Council said the council had been told that residents of West Williamston had problems with internet connections and mobile phone coverage in the past, but they had not heard anything in some time.

“We as a community council heard about it a while ago and then it went quiet, so then we thought it all was sorted,” she said.

“BT were taking the telephones out of boxes and Stephanie, the community council clerk, was contacted by people in the village saying they didn’t want them taken because they needed them because they couldn’t get mobile signal.

“It’s important in this day and age for everyone to have a good connection, especially in rural areas.”

Ms Griffiths added that if residents contacted the community council then they could write a letter in support.

Other communities in Pembrokeshire have started taking matters in their own hands.

The north Pembrokeshire village of Castlemorris saw two residents form a company, Pembs Wifi, who aim to deliver superfast speeds of up to 1Gbps (1000Mbps) to the village.

A spokesperson for Openreach said: "We have always been clear that Superfast Cymru would not reach every premises across Wales.

"It was always our priority, under the agreement, to make superfast broadband available to as many properties across Wales as quickly as possible."

"While nearly nine out of every ten home and business in Pembrokeshire can access superfast broadband today we also understand the frustration of communities, such as West Williamson, who currently cannot access fibre broadband.

"For those that want certainty, there is the option of the Openreach Community Fibre Partnerships programme which is available to communities that currently find themselves out of scope. Grants are available from the Welsh Government to help fund such schemes."

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