A DOG who went missing after a road traffic collision yesterday has been found safe and well after the community came together to search for her.

Darcy, a black Labrador, went missing after being involved in a two-vehicle crash on A477 on Friday, August 17.

She and her friend Freya, also a black Labrador, ran from the accident. While Freya was caught almost immediately, Darcy proved more elusive.

So the people of Pembrokeshire came together to help find her, with hundreds of people sharing pictures and information about her.

Dog Friendly Pembrokeshire coordinated a search this morning (Saturday) to help find Darcy.

Angela Smithers, from DFP helped search for Darcy, she said: "I offered to meet up with a couple of people to search and it just snowballed from there.

"People helped print posters and maps, which weren't needed in the end."

Ms Smithers said that Darcy was spotted by group member, Lizzy Austwick, at 12.30pm, but it took some time before the group could rescue the lost lab.

To help capture Darcy without frightening her further, the group sought advice from a dog warden.

"Sally-Ann Bland, the Dog Warden, gave us great advice," Ms Smithers said.

"Darcy was found in the fields alongside the A477 where the accident occurred, but was too scared to come out, and we had to be careful not to let her bolt back onto the road.

"The key was getting the family's other dog out to join the search and just one of us sitting patiently in the soaking grass and pouring rain until she came close enough to harness."

Once Darcy had been found and harnessed Dyfed-Powys police arrived to help the group lift both dogs over the gates.

Angela added: "I am beyond delighted at this outcome, there were tears all round once we had her. The Pembrokeshire Dog community is fantastic.

"We wish Darcy's owners a speedy recovery and hope to see them united very soon."