A Haverfordwest father has been fined for failing to send his son to school regularly.

The man, who cannot be named due to a court order, was due to stand trial at Haverfordwest magistrates on Monday, September 3, but changed his plea on the day of the hearing.

He pleaded guilty to failing to ensure his son regularly attended school between October 13 and November 22.

Rhian Young, prosecuting for Pembrokeshire County Council, said letters had been sent and calls had been made when the boy’s attendance dropped to 85.8%

“There were 11 unauthorised absences out of 48 sessions.”

A warning letter was sent, but the man failed to pay the penalty notice issued.

The father, who represented himself, told the court he did not know that the boy was truanting, and he had experienced issues with missing post.

“I was not aware that there was a problem.

“I spoke to the head of year who did not tell me there was a problem with attendance. I did not know there was a fine until there was a court summons.”

The man added: “He told me he was going to school and left the house.”

Magistrates fined him £50 and ordered him to pay £300 towards prosecution costs and a £30 surcharge.