A MARITIME society is hoping to secure the lease to the dock that has been their home for over a decade, so they can start making improvements to the site.

The West Wales Maritime Heritage Society (WWMHS), based in Front Street, Pembroke Dock has until now operated on the understanding that they could be removed at any time, but now wants to make their home more permanent.

Brian King, the chairman of the society, said that the group had numerous improvements they wanted to make, including fitting mains electricity so that they could keep working until later in the year.

“The society has been here for about 12 years,” Mr King said. “We have an agreement with the council which means that we can be told to go at any time.

“But now that we are taking care of it and are becoming better known in the community we want to take the lease, so we can make some improvements.

“We plan on putting in mains electricity which will help us in many areas, in particular, it will help is in the winter when it’s dark and cold.”

Mr King said that the society also wanted to work on improving the slipway and to have repairs made to the brickwork to ensure that the site could be enjoyed for years to come.

WWMHS is located on the site of the former Hancock’s Boat Yard, where ships have been built for over 200 years.

Most recently WWMHS has been involved in the reconstruction of a Tenby Luger, which was launched last month under the name Heritage.

The society is also working on a variety of projects, including further boat reconstruction and providing space for the Sea Scouts to construct Cleddau Coracles.

WWMHS secretary David James is releasing a book on the history of Hancock’s Yard - detailing the people and the ships that were built there - which will be launch at an event on September 29.

The WWMHS is open from April to the end of September, Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm. If you wish to become a member of the WWMHS visit the dockyard and speak to Brian King. Membership is £20 per year. Visit westwalesmaritimeheritage.org.uk to find out more.