PEMBROKESHIRE County Council has revealed more than 80 fines have already been handed out two days into a new litter-fighting scheme.

A total of 85 fixed penalty notices have been handed out by enforcement officers on Monday, September 10 and Tuesday, September 11.

Western Telegraph:

On Monday 42 penalties were handed out and another 43 on Tuesday, which could potentially generate £12,750 for the council.

Enforcement officers can give on-the-spot fines of up to £150 depending on the offence. This can be reduced to £75 if paid within 10 days.

Fixed penalty notices can be given to people spotted dropping litter - including dropping cigarette ends - or allowing dog-fouling, as well as those responsible for fly-posting, graffiti, and anti-social behaviour.

The council has said that anyone who refuses to pay their fixed penalty will be prosecuted.

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