Monday's cabinet decision to buy a building in the first stage of transforming Haverfordwest has been called in by other councillors.

Cllr Jacob Williams has announced on social media that he has asked that the decision to purchase the former Ocky White site be re-examined because it gives "particularly poor value for taxpayers' money."

Cllr Williams says he is backed by councillors Mike Stoddart, Vivien Stoddart, Mike Evans, Pearl Llewellyn and Phil Kidney.

He adds that the report discussed at cabinet on September 10 did not "present the full financial picture."

At Monday's meeting cabinet was told that purchasing the building was key to the regeneration of Haverfordwest own centre and the "river corridor."

The cost of refurbishing Ocky White for potential retail and office use has risen from £3.12million to £3.57million, including a purchase price of £460,000, to be negotiated.

A Welsh Government grant £2.1million is available.

The proposal is likely to appear at services overview and scrutiny committee later this month, Cllr Williams adds.