A LUXURY yacht, wrecked on rocks off Lowertown more than a week ago, was craned to safety on Wednesday night.

The 39-foot yacht, the Mistral, believed to be from the Liverpool area, ran aground after breaking free of its moorings on Tuesday, September 4.

There were no crew onboard the yacht, which three weeks previously had been rescued, after suffering engine failure, off Strumble Head.

Continued northerly winds meant that she was further damaged while on the rocks, with a hole in her hull leaving her submerged on the high tide.

Last Thursday a specialist contractor boarded the vessel to remove fuel and minimise risk of pollution.

The following day Boarder Force officials went onboard as part of their routine coastal duties.

On Sunday emergency services were called to rocks near the stricken vessel after five youngsters got caught out by the high tide after boarding the vessel. Coastguards urged people to steer clear of the vessel.

Pembrokeshire County Council, which manages the harbour, confirmed today that the yacht had been craned out of the harbour by specialist contractors last night. The vessel's mast was then removed. It is understood that Boarder Force officials were, once again, present at the scene.

"The yacht Mistral was recovered yesterday from Lower Town Fishguard Harbour by specialist contractors working with the Fishguard Harbourmaster," said a council spokesman.

"The process involved the vessel being floated off the rocks on the high tide before being towed across to the harbour at Goodwick and being craned out of the water.

"The yacht is now in safe storage."