A BUSY town centre pub has been forced to close this evening (Friday), due to essential maintenance.

The William Owen, part of the Wetherspoons chain, has closed its doors and all customers have left.

One diner arrived at the pub in Quay Street at around 4.4.5pm.

She said: "The place was packed, we ordered food and when it came to dessert we noticed the whole place clearing.

"A member of our party went to the bar and came back saying that the place was stinking of excrement.

"A staff member apologised and said that the place was now shut because of the smell.

"As we left staff were turning people away at the door."

Notices have been placed in all the windows, notifying customers of the closure.

UPDATE: The pub remained closed this morning (Saturday).

A spokesman for Wetherspoons said the pub was closed due to "a leak and smell coming from a void area which is being addressed by our maintenance team".

They clarified the smell was "not connected to any toilet sewerage issue and appears to be a water leak from the glasswash or kitchen and grease deposits".