AN APPEAL to buy a Letterston girl a £10,000 bionic arm has raised more than £1,500 in just under a fortnight.

Ysgol Bro Gwaun pupil Lacey Goodridge was born missing her lower left limb.

“We found out during our 20-week scan,” said Lacey’s mother Sophie. “At the time I was a bit devastated. I went home crying to my mother, seeing all the kids outside on their bikes and thinking ‘how on earth will she cope?’”

It turned out that Lacey, age 12, has coped incredibly well.

“When she came along she has done everything a normal child would,” said Sophie.

“Every day she continues to amaze us by how well she manages with things we often take for granted. Lacey is a very strong, independent girl who will take on anything as challenging as it may be.”

When she was seven Lacey was also diagnosed with Perthe’s disease, a rare childhood condition that causes the bone cells of the hip bone to die.

The bone will eventually regrow but in the meantime Lacey was recommended to take up horse riding to retain movement and flexibility.

This has led to a passion for riding with Lacey recently starting show jumping and competing against able bodied children in dressage tests.

“She absolutely loves it. Her future aim is to compete in the Olympics,” said Sophie.

Despite her positive outlook, Lacey had been targeted by bullies both in her everyday life and online.

“We’ve had to teach her over the years how to be strong and tough,” said Sophie. “We’ve had to bring her up to be strong minded.”

Earlier this year, after a three year wait, Lacey was given a 3D printed prosthetic arm by Team UnLimbited. However, she was unable to use it properly.

“When it came she was so excited,” said Sophie. “She had waited so long for it but it didn’t really work for her. This is when we learnt about the Hero Arm.”

The Hero Arm is a custom-built 3D printed bionic arm, developed with special sensors which can detect muscle movements and be controlled with life-like precision.

Such an incredible piece of technology comes with a £10,000 price tag and Lacey’s family is currently fundraising to buy one for their inspirational daughter. They have set up a gofundme page:

On October 20 at 8pm there will be a fundraising darts match, raffle, meal and auction at the Gate Inn, Scleddau.

Entry costs £3 per person or £5 per couple and meals will cost £5, £2 of each will go to Lacey’s fund.

“I think for a girl of her age it would be a lot to do with her confidence.” Said Sophie. “She does everything amazingly but it’s not as easy for her.

“She does just want to be like other children. It would make her more confident and put her on equal footing.”