COULD you survive a zombie apocalypse?

As zombie films and videogames have gained popularity over the last few years, many fans have wondered ‘what if…?’

What if a zombie apocalypse did happen? How would you survive? Would you be able to shoot your way out? Would there be a cure?

Now your chance to find the answers to all these questions is coming to Pembrokeshire.

Newgale Lodge and Man-Up UK have teamed up to give you the opportunity to test your survival skills against a herd of the walking dead.

Over the course of a weekend, go through tactical training as a survivor to find the cure to help your teammates and undergo a zombie transformation with the help of the on-site special effects makeup team.

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, or films like 28 Days Later, World War Z, Dawn of the Dead or even Shaun of the Dead, you’re sure to love this zombie experience.

But there’ll be no going the Winchester, having a nice, cold pint and waiting for this all to blow over – as soon as you arrive, your reality will become what you’ve seen on the big screen.

The itinerary

On Friday afternoon, you will be briefed on what is in store over the course of the weekend so that you can plan a strategy for your survival against the undead.

Following this, you will be treated to a zombie-themed feast to help keep your energy levels high for the undead onslaught that lies ahead.

On Saturday, after breakfast, your group will take part in specific tactical training on survival tactics, techniques and weapons available.

The zombies of the group will then go through their undead transformation with the help of special effects makeup. Meanwhile, the survivors will have to scavenge for essentials before the two groups go to war.

On Sunday, zombies and survivors will swap roles.

The Zombie Weekend will take place between Friday, November 23 and Sunday, November 25.

Booking is essential and there are limited spaces available. To book, or for more information, visit, email or call 01437 720959.

Alongside weekend-long adventures with the undead, Newgale Lodge serves as a popular B&B and provides cosy bunkhouse-style accommodation.