Eluned Morgan today (Thursday) launches her campaign to become the Leader of the Labour Party in Wales and the first female Socialist First Minister of the country.

The Mid and West Wales Assembly Member, who has an office in Haverfordwest, will set out her vision for the future of the nation - including supporting calls for a People's Vote on Brexit.

Eluned will speak about the need for renewal in the party in Wales building on the energy of the thousands of new members, and a need to instil a renewed confidence in the country and its people as Wales faces multiple challenges of Brexit, climate change, automation, and an ageing population.

Promoting herself as the candidate who will unite the party and unite the nation, Eluned will express her desire to generate collective democratic power to provide the conditions for people to make the most of themselves regardless of their background, gender, age or race.

Eluned will launch her campaign in the Rhondda, a seat that she is determined to win back from Plaid.

Eluned said:“Over the summer I have been listening to what the grass roots of the party and the public have to say, and I have deliberately gone beyond the bubble of Cardiff Bay and into seats that Labour needs to win if we want a Labour majority in the Assembly. 

"After 22 years in office at the next election there is a need for change. Labour needs to look different, to sound different, and to be different if the party is to retain power. More of the same is simply not going to cut it."

Her priorities for action forged and developed with members as a result of going Beyond the Bubble will be to:

• Support a People’s Vote and avoid a No deal Brexit 

• Tackle Poverty and drive economic growth

• Care for our people and offer hope and fairness

• Unite our Party and Unite our Nation

• Promote Wales as a confident green nation

• Prepare Wales for a rapidly changing world

Her primary focus will be on growing the economy in order to generate wealth which can then be used to support hard-pressed public services.

Talking of the threat of Brexit she will talk of her passion for Europe and how, if the worst scenario occurs, she will be able to call on her vast network of contacts across the continent to ensure that Wales does not turn in on itself.