CRIME in the Tenby town policing area took a drop in August, compared to the previous month.

The Tenby town area saw a total of 76 crimes reported in August, against 85 in July.

But in the Tenby rural area - which includes Saundersfoot, Amroth, Carew and Cresselly - there were 58 August crimes, two more than the month before.

A reduction in violence and sexual offences from 24 to 18 was seen in the Tenby town area, with shoplifting down from six to two and other theft from ten to three.

However, there were seven public order offences in August, against none in July.

There were also 11 criminal damage offences, two bicycle thefts, two burglaries and three drugs crimes, with 27 incidents of anti-social behaviour.

In the Tenby rural area, there was a drop in anti-social behaviour to 13 from 20 and violence and sexual offences to 17 from 19.

But the area saw a rise in criminal damages offences, to six; drugs offences to three; public order to four; shoplifting to three and vehicle crime to five.

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