HAVE you seen the Pembroke Dock Dimond Dogs?

Over the last few weeks pooches have been popping up all over Dimond Street, and more may be on their way.

The “Barksy” behind all these works is Nina Camplin, artist in residence at the Pembroke Dock VC Gallery.

Nina started drawing dog murals in Poole, Dorset, in 2001.

After moving to Pembrokeshire she was asked to paint one at Haverfordwest VC Gallery.

Western Telegraph:

When the Pembroke Dock gallery opened in August, Nina again painted the organisation's corgi mascot on the side of the building, and soon other shops were asking if they could get involved.

“It started with just one on the VC gallery,” Nina said.

“Next door was the first to ask if they could have one, then Rembrandt’s jewellers and Cwtch asked if they could have one done as well.

“I have done seven so far, and they’re all based on real dogs apart from the corgi.”

Western Telegraph:

Each mural takes between two and three hours to paint, and can last for up to 15 years depending on weather conditions.

Nina said that so far everyone who spoke to her about the dogs has been very positive.

“It is all been positive feedback from everyone that has seen them.

"Apart from dogs - dogs seem to bark at them a lot.

“Every time I go out to do one I get asked to do another - they really seem to have grabbed people’s attention.”

More businesses have been in touch about getting one on their walls as well, but she said she wanted the reveals to be a surprise.

Stephanie Cross, who owns the Rembrandt Jewellers and is vice chair of the Town Team asked Nina to paint one after seeing the VC Gallery corgi.

“People love it,” she said.

“I wanted to get my dog Gracie on the outside of my shop. Hopefully, it will bring more people to Pembroke Dock - everyone loves dogs.”

Pembroke Dock resident, Trish Thomas, was also positive about the images, she said: “I think they are wonderful.

“They are very realistic and attract a lot of attention - from a distance, they look real.

“There’s been a lot of comments about them, even the kids are stopping and pointing at them.”

Western Telegraph:

Nina calls the project the “Dimond Dogs” a reference the David Bowie album Diamond Dogs and the street where they all live.

So far all the murals have been on Dimond Street except one outside the Post Office on Gordon Street.

As the dogs spread out around the area, Nina said she may have to rename it to “Dogs of the Dock” instead.