THE not-so-proud owner of a new £210,000 house at Pembroke’s Persimmon Homes Martello Park development has hit out at what he claims is shoddy workmanship ruining his purchase.

Persimmon Homes’ Martello Park development, off Buttermilk Lane, has been described by the home-building company as a huge success, with the second phase of the development now almost sold out.

In total, 141 properties have been built at Martello Park since the launch in 2014.

However, home owner Darren Harris is less than impressed with his purchase.

Mr Harris, who lives in the Midlands, had bought a house at the development before it was built, planning to rent it out once it had been completed.

Mr Harris, a civil engineer and builder himself, was shocked by the state of the home when he saw it in the flesh, differing from the show home he had seen.

He was mortified after cataloguing more than 80 defects in the new build.

Faults claimed by Mr Harris included poor brickwork, paving slabs laid straight onto rubble and earth, without any cement, drain covers sticking out of the ground, drains in the wrong place, and none of the guttering reaching the end of the houses.

Posting on the Facebook group Do not buy a Persimmon Home, Mr Harris said: “There are 81-plus issues most of which Persimmon haven’t, and won’t, fix.

“I’ve just served court papers on them and urge you to do the same. This is their Persimmon site in Pembroke.”

Mr Harris said the work needed on the house had caused much upset, and even an injury, after he broke his foot on a raised drain cover while mowing the lawn.

“This has had my wife in tears multiple times, and even caused me a broken foot through shoddy workmanship outside; we are simply gutted!”

Mr Harris is now seeking legal redress on the matter, and has already driven the long journey from the midlands to Swansea to try and resolve matters, which he says was not dealt with satisfactorily.

A spokesman for Persimmon Homes West Wales said: "We are aware of Mr Harris’ concerns and we are working to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

"We have many happy customers across South Wales and we take customer service seriously."