THE NAME of a new Haverfordwest primary school has been chosen to commemorate the name of a Welsh language poet and local icon, the county council cabinet has heard.

Mt Airey School and Haverfordwest Church in Wales VC School will be combined into one school from January 1, 2019, and will be named after Waldo Williams.

The new Waldo Williams Primary School will remain on the two separate sites where Mt Airey and Haverfordwest VC School are based, but will have a single governing body and management structure.

Haverfordwest VC School and Mt Airey School could be amalgamated.Haverfordwest VC School and Mt Airey School could be amalgamated.

Haverfordwest VC School and Mt Airey School.

Speaking at PCC’s cabinet meeting on Monday, November 5, Cllr David Lloyd, the member for education, said it was a pleasure to name the school after Waldo.

“With regard to the name of the school, the pupils were asked for their view and I am delighted to say they have chosen the name of Waldo Williams Primary School,” he said.

“Waldo Williams was the great visionary poet from Pembrokeshire and born in Haverfordwest.

“This name has now been adopted by the temporary governing body and has been incorporated into the instruments of government for the school,” added Cllr Lloyd.

Waldo Williams’ family had given their blessing to the decision, the cabinet member said, as his niece had been contacted for permission.

Councillors voted to close the two schools and merge them during Pembrokeshire County Council’s July meeting.

This followed a report to the council in 2017 which suggested the two schools should be closed to simplify local primary education.

This was because they were the only two separate 3-7 and 7-11 schools in the town.

In July, Cllr Lloyd said there was a chance in the future that Mt Airey and Haverfordwest VC School could be brought together on one site.

He suggested that Tasker Milward School or Ysgol Glancleddau could be used, as both of these had been moved to new sites.