ONE of Haverfordwest’s most iconic buildings has come under close examination by the town council at its latest meeting.

The Shire Hall, which sits on Castle Square at the edge of High Street and Quay Street, used to house the town’s magistrates court but is now privately leased.

Town councillors discussed concerns about the upkeep and security of the building at their meeting on Wednesday, November 21, after sending a letter to Ian Westley, chief executive of Pembrokeshire County Council in October.

Cllr Alan Buckfield, the deputy mayor, gave an update from PCC.

“Mr Westley has asked the properties department to provide information to respond to the mayor’s letter,” he said.

Councillors raised concerns about the building, with several of them worried vandalism or break-ins could be a problem in the near future.

“I do believe they [PCC] are looking closely at the lease,” said Cllr Buckfield, “though it seems to be watertight as far as PCC are concerned.”

Cllr Chris Evans warned the building could be at risk if nothing were done to keep it secure.

"Anyone could light a fire and we could lose a very historic building,” he said.