A HAVERFORDWEST man caught half way through a bathroom window has been cleared of burglary after explaining to a jury that drinking 10 pints of Guinness can lead to confused thinking.

Robert John Jones, aged 24, told Swansea crown court he had had no intention of stealing anything and simply wanted to observe other people living.

Hannah George, prosecuting, said the occupier of a house at Castle High heard noises coming from his bathroom and opened the door to see Jones sitting on the window ledge with his legs inside the room.

He recognised Jones, who toppled backwards onto the ground and ran away.

Jones was arrested at his home in Peregrine Close.

When officers asked him where his shoes were, he said he had left them on the roof of the house at Castle High.

Jones told the jury he had been drinking in the Yeoman pub, which he didn't normally do.

He said he suffered from autism and was depressed and after 10 pints of Guinness he decided that it would be exciting to see how other people lived.

Asked by Miss George what ‘life’ he expected to observe at 2.30 in the morning Jones said he had not properly thought it through.

"After ten pints my thought processes were not the same. It can lead to confused thinking," he said.

Jones added: "I didn't want to steal anything or hurt anyone."

Jones was found not guilty of a charge of burglary with intent to steal.