A CANNABIS dealer from Fishguard became so brazen he boasted in social media: "I buy and sell weed ha, ha, ha”.

Shane Thomas, aged 21, also boasted: "I'm shifting sixty ounces a month" and "it's all about making money".

Dean Pulling, prosecuting, told Swansea crown court today, December 7, how police raided a property in Maesgrug, Stop and Call, on February 3 last year and immediately detected "an overwhelming" smell of cannabis.

Thomas was living there at the time and police found him standing in a bedroom with a Luke Evans.

Both had small quantities of cannabis on them, but officers found far more quantities of the drug already bagged up for sale.

In total they found 115 grams of skunk cannabis, along with digital weighing scales, a dealer's list, and £5,469 in cash.

Officers also found a mobile telephone which clearly showed messages relating to the sale of cannabis, along with the boasts.

Mr Pulling said that judging by the scale of Thomas' activities he could have been making £6,000 a month profit.

Thomas admitted supplying cannabis and possessing the drug with intent to supply.

Judge Geraint Walters told him: "Business was good, and getting better, and you could not complain if I sent you to prison today."

But he understood Thomas had not reoffended since February 2017 and was now staying with his grandparents in Wallis Street, Fishguard.

Thomas was made the subject of a 12-month community order and ordered to complete 20 days of a rehabilitation activity and 180 hours of unpaid work for the community.

Thomas was also placed under a 7pm to 7am curfew for the next two months.

The court heard a Proceeds of Crime investigation was underway to identify any drugs profits that could be confiscated.