A TOTAL of 187 sensory cuffs for people living with dementia have been donated to Withybush Hospital by Haverfordwest’s yarn bombers.

Dementia cuffs or twiddle-mitts are a sensory aid for people living with dementia, which are made from yarn, buttons and other soft materials.

The cuffs give patients on hospital wards something to occupy their hands and minds with.

“It is a real help to us,” said senior sister for recovery at Withybush’s main theatre, Kathryn Edwards.

“What we find is the dementia patients come to theatre and they fiddle with their IV fluids. These cuffs help to take their minds of this.”

Haverfordwest yarn bombers made the 187 cuffs by recycling old knitting projects which decorated the town centre throughout the year.

The yarn bombers plan to stay in contact with the hospital and donate further cuffs in the future when they are needed.