A PEMBROKE Dock dog owner is delighted her much-loved pet is no longer classed as dangerous.

Anya Legg, of Lewis Street, had appeared at Haverfordwest magistrates court for sentencing on December 11, after she was found guilty of owning a dog which injured a man while dangerously out of control, following a trial earlier in December.

Magistrates had ordered Miss Legg, 21, to pay £1,317 in fines, court costs, compensation and a surcharge, and made an order that her pet malamute, Jupiter, must be muzzled and on a lead in public.

In a happy end to that tail, sentencing and the original case, were dismissed on appeal at Swansea Crown Court on January 4, where it was stated Miss Legg could not be held liable for the offence.

During the original sentencing, Abul Hussain, prosecuting, told the court Mark Morris was walking his dogs on July 5 when Jupiter ran out of Miss Legg’s house and attacked his Jack Russell Lily.

Miss Lewis had denied this charge before the trial.

The court heard Mr Morris’ hand was bitten as he intervened, and 13-year-old Lily was bleeding heavily.

Miss Legg, 21, told the court that her boyfriend had mistakenly left the door ajar leading to Jupiter’s escape.

Jonathan Webb, defending, said that Jupiter had never done anything similar before, and Miss Legg was confident that she did not pose a risk to anyone, including her own baby.

Speaking after the appeal, Miss Legg said: “We no longer have to muzzle the dog and we have no fees to pay.

“I'm just happy that the truth is out and that I don't have a criminal record because of an accident that wasn't my fault; I feel for their dog still, but I'm glad that my dog isn't classed as a dangerous dog, as she isn't.”