To ensure it doesn’t miss out on £2million of Welsh Government funding, Pembrokeshire council needs to buy its new waste vehicles by the end of March.

That’s why cabinet gave approval for delegated authority be given to Cllr Cris Tomos, member for environment and Welsh language, to award the contract for 27 new recycling vehicles.

He, along with the head of environment and public protection Richard Brown, will evaluate the submitted tenders before the purchase, with an estimated value of around £3millon.

Cabinet member for finance Cllr Bob Kilmister said at Monday’s meeting (January 14) it was “financially pertinent” to approve the proposal as “considerable savings” could be made.

“We have a window where we have to close this deal and it’s really important financially we do so,” he added.

The new waste collection and recycling scheme will come into force in October with kerbside sort introduced in most areas of the county.

There will be different types of vehicles bought to ensure they meet the needs of varying areas such as rear loading trucks for narrow streets.

Mr Brown said that development of kerbside sort vehicles had gone through “a number of developments” over recent years and a “number of shortcomings have been addressed.”