BOTH of Pembrokeshire’s MPs will not back Jeremy Corbyn’s vote of no confidence in the prime minister, which is set to take place later today.

Stephen Crabb and Simon Hart both voted in support of Theresa May’s deal for exiting the European Union last night (January 15).

Today both have said today they will not back the leader of the opposition’s motion of no confidence in the prime minster.

“I will be opposing Jeremy Corbyn’s confidence motion later,” said Mr Hart, MP for west Carmarthenshire and south Pembrokeshire.

“As far as the wider Brexit outcome I remain firmly of the belief that a negotiated exit is preferable to no deal, another referendum or an election,” he added.

Preseli-Pembrokeshire MP Stephen Crabb described the no confidence debate as “a side-show for Jeremy Corbyn to avoid actually saying what his own position on Brexit is at this time.”

On Facebook, Mr Crabb described the mood after MPs rejected Mrs May’s deal as subdued and questioned why both remain supporting MPs and Brexiters had come together to vote it down.

“Given the defeat of the Brexit deal on Tuesday night we should be spending every moment now trying to find a way forward for our country,” said Mr Crabb.

“Pembrokeshire voted by a clear majority to leave the EU. The public will be rightly furious if Brexit does not now happen because of the vote in the Commons on Tuesday.

“I still believe it is right for the referendum result to be respected and delivered and an orderly Brexit with a clear transition period is the best approach.”

MPs rejected of May’s Brexit deal by 432 votes to 202, a majority of 230 votes, last night.

A vote of no confidence in the government is expected to take place tonight (January 16) at 7pm.

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