A SERIES of former warehouse buildings on the quayside in Haverfordwest could be transformed into 16 flats, if plans submitted to Pembrokeshire County Council are approved.

Three linked planning applications have been made in order to transform the listed former warehouse buildings which used to house the Quay Street Snooker Hall into eight one-bedroom apartments and eight two-bedroom apartments.

The applicant is Way Properties, a developer registered in Weston-Super-Mare,

A design and access statement submitted with the application splits the warehouse buildings into four separate parts, each of which would need to be renovated in different ways.


Elevation plans for the old warehouse buildings drawn by Zinc Architecture, showing the planned new joining building.

Building 1 is the furthest to the south along the river and is a small former warehouse with a steep roof and is grade-II listed.

Improvements for the building would include replacing the corrugated metal roof with slate and conserving historic stonework.

Building 2 is the largest and most-distinctive warehouse building built in the early 19th century and is also grade-II listed.

The building used to house a snooker hall, and improvements would include converting the ground floor into a parking area and including wheelchair access.

Building 3 is a 20th century extension which connects buildings 2 and 4 and is not listed.

The developer has applied to demolish it and replace it with a new three-storey building which joins the other buildings together.

Building 4 is part of a three-storey building next to the Bristol Trader pub.

A garage door on the ground floor of this building would be replaced with a residential entrance area and an office or retail space on the quayside.

In a historic impact statement, consultant Rob Scourfield said renovating the buildings was a chance to conserve their historic character while giving them a use as new homes in the town centre.

A bat survey was conducted on the building in December 2018, and measures will be taken to protect bats which roost in the attics.

Planning references: 18/0985/LB; 18/0984/LB; 18/0982/PA