A PEMBROKESHIRE rescue charity is hoping the opening of its new Pembroke Dock shop will be part of a happy tail in helping animals in need.

Greenacres Animal Rescue is a small, non-profit, animal rescue centre based at Talbenny, near Haverfordwest.

Founded in June 2008, Greenacres Rescue believes that every animal deserves a second chance.

In April 2016 Greenacres became solely responsible for the care of stray dogs collected by Pembrokeshire County Council.

It is hoped the Dimond Street shop, officially opened by local county councillor Joshua Beynon on January 19, will help promote the charity even further.

Greenacres Animal Rescue Manager Mikey Lawlor said: “We’re hoping that the better location and increase in size will have a positive effect on our fundraising attempts.

“It’s very clear there is more footfall already; big thank you to all of our supporters and volunteers in Pembroke Dock, it’s always been a very well supported shop.”

Cllr Beynon said: “Greenacres is a fantastic charity that helps so many animals who need love, care and attention.

“I’ve been to the Greenacres HQ and I couldn’t believe the range of animals that they help, from household pets such as cats and dogs, to even a cow that was in the field.

“My own dog, Billy is a rescue dog and if anyone is looking to support animals in need then Greenacres is the charity to turn to.

“I’m really happy the Pembroke Dock shop is now in a larger premise in town as it helps Greenacres by them having more room for stock to sell and a more visual presence in the town.

“Everyone should be in gratitude to Mikey and all the staff and volunteers for what they do.”

For more information on Greenacres see greenacresrescue.org.uk