A HUSBAND and wife from Uzmaston will celebrate 60 years of marriage this Thursday (February 7).

Gordon and Avril Williams were married on February 7, 1959 and are now set to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary.

“It is a great achievement to many of the youngsters nowadays,” said 78-year-old Avril. “Marriages these days don’t last sometimes.”

Ten years ago, the couple celebrated their gold wedding anniversary with a party at Bancyfelin, Carmarthenshire, where they both grew up and met each other.

“We couldn’t afford a big wedding when we were young,” said Gordon, 84, “it was just us, the minister Arwyn Thomas, and two witnesses.”

“When we came to our 50th we decided we would have a good do then.”

Western Telegraph:

The couple met in Bancyfelin when Avril was working as a maid at a farm and Gordon was working as a stockman with cattle and were married at the village chapel.

They lived near Llanybri and Ammanford moving to Camrose, as Gordon worked as a stockman with cows.

They then settled in Uzmaston in 1974, as Gordon came to work for a farm in the village.

Gordon and Avril raised five children together: Joan, Peter, Susan, Iris and Alan.

They now have 13 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

During their time living in Uzmaston they both became involved with social clubs in Haverfordwest and the nearby area.

They also used to organise coach trips from the Pelcomb Inn and have fond memories of one summer when they took a double decker bus packed full of locals and tourists to Tenby.

Western Telegraph:

The couple say the secret to the success of their marriage is a lot of give and take.

“She is the one with all the cash though!” said Gordon.

“We have had a good life. We have had our ups and downs with different things but we have got through it,” he added.

Gordon and Avril plan to return to Bancyfelin for afternoon tea with their family to celebrate their anniversary.

The family has organised for a telegram from the Queen to be sent to them to congratulate them on their long lives together.