Door-staff alerted police to Class B drugs after a man was spotted rummaging through pockets outside a nightclub.

Kyle Jackson Birch, of St Florence, pleaded guilty to cannabis possession when he appeared before Haverfordwest magistrates on Tuesday, January 29.

Sophie Hill, prosecuting, said door-staff noticed Birch rummaging through his pockets outside a Tenby night club at 1.50am on New Year’s Eve.

Birch, who was already subject to a community order, dropped a small bag on the floor which was found to contain small black plastic packages containing a total of 6.14 grams of cannabis.

Mike Kelleher, defending, said: “He was stopped with a small amount of cannabis on him. He told police it was for his own personal use, which is not being challenged.”

Mr Kelleher added that Birch, 20, lost his job shortly after the incident, but was hoping to find new employment in the near future.

Magistrates ordered Birch to pay a total of £195 in a fine, costs and surcharge.

A destruction order was made for the seized drugs.