ANYONE visiting Mind Pembrokeshire can now have a smashing time in the charity’s music room, thanks to a local shop.

Mind Pembrokeshire now has a full drum kit thanks to PBF Music, on Haverfordwest’s Riverside Quay.

The charity was renovating its music room and was missing some important drumming equipment, so the new music shop invited staff to come choose which pieces they needed.

“Mind do some really good things over there. I thought someone might get some good use out of the drumming equipment,” said PBF Music owner, Joe Thompson.

The shop had drumming equipment stored upstairs as there are plans to open a full drum department in the future.

Mind Pembrokeshire had been given an old drum kit by a volunteers, which was missing a few pieces.

Joe invited them to come choose the pieces they would need to restore a drum kit.

PBF Music opened on December 1 last year, with Joe describing the shop as a passion project for him and fellow owner Adam Edgerley.

“We didn’t think it was right – how can you have a town centre without a music shop?” he said.

Plans are in place to help children with music lessons from the shop, an area which has borne the brunt of swingeing cuts to council budgets across the UK.

“Ultimately the plan is to open a music school. We are trying to work towards a foundation where we can generate money through events and parents can apply to our foundation for funding for music lessons,” said Joe.

The guitarist also runs a vaping shop, Juice33 on Bridge Street, and hopes PBF Music can help to encourage the revival of a local music scene in Haverfordwest.