Parents at Fishguard’s Holy Name school are concerned that the current lack of a dedicated school crossing patrol (SCP) to help pupils cross the busy road in front of the school could result in a child getting hit by a car.

Holy Name’s school crossing patrol (SCP) officer retired last December and was initially replaced by a relief officer. However, last week parents noticed that the SCP who usually works at the junction to Ysgol Bro Gwaun was covering both sites.

“When we arrive at 8.45am there’s nobody on our crossing,” said concerned parent Katy Abbott whose two children attend Holy Name.

“The school opens at 8.45am so that’s when we need somebody on that road. The children are stepping out from between parked cars and drivers are going into the glare from the sun.

"After school is not so bad but in the mornings you need to have somebody on the main road, but then you are leaving the other road open.

“Yesterday I had to help one of the older children cross the road. She was old enough to walk to school by herself but not to cross the road by herself. You could see the panic in her face.

“It’s just dangerous. It's a really bad road, it's bedlam in the mornings. Children are unpredictable, you don’t know what they are going to do. I’m worried that somebody is going to get hit.”

Mrs Abbott contacted Pembrokeshire County Council’s road safety department last Wednesday and was initially told that no decision had been made regarding the school crossing patrol site and it was being surveyed.

She was told that a report would then go out for consultation to local council officers, the school and the local councillor.

However, after the Western Telegraph contacted Pembrokeshire County Council she was told that the review had been completed and that the crossing site outside the school would remain.

A spokesman from Pembrokeshire County Council offered assurance that a dedicated SCP officer would return to the site.

“In line with the authority’s policy and procedures, when a SCP site becomes vacant a review is conducted to establish its viability," said the spokesman.

“The review is conducted in accordance with the School Crossing Patrol Service Guidelines - November 2018 produced by Road Safety GB.

“The recently completed review concludes that the site at the Holy Name School in Fishguard meets national criteria and therefore will remain.

“In addition, no contractual changes have been made to relief staff in Fishguard.”

Mrs Abbot has been told that the process to recruit a SCP for Holy Name has begun. The PCC spokesman added that until the vacancy for the Holy Name crossing is filled, or a relief officer found, the SCP at the Ysgol Bro Gwaun/leisure centre junction will cover both sites.