A TENBY school is warning parents they could be banned from its grounds, following a school-run ‘road rage’ incident.

The incident happened at Tenby Church in Wales VC Primary School on Monday, February 11, leading to abusive and foul language in the school grounds following a parking near-miss.

This is not the first time concerns have been raised about inconsiderate drivers, the school states on Facebook; with some members of the public taking to social media calling for those responsible to be “named and shamed”.

Posting on Facebook, headteacher John Palmer wrote: “Concerned parents have again visited the school to discuss the dangerous, careless, and inconsiderate driving and parking of some individuals on our school grounds, and particularly at pick-up time at the end of the day.

“The governing body and members of staff feel that it is not too much to ask to park safely and sensibly in marked bays, for the benefit of everyone involved at school and for the safety of your children.

“It was only yesterday that two individuals had a near-miss within the car park, left their vehicles and decided to hurl foul language and abuse at one another.

“This is a school, and such behaviour will not be tolerated here.”

Mr Palmer, referencing and detailing the school’s parking policy, added: “I attach the parking policy, agreed by the governing body, and would like to highlight that parking infringements and dangerous driving may result in you being banned from parking on school premises in the future.”