THE A4076 road from Haverfordwest to Milford Haven is expected to reopen anytime soon, February 12, after a lorry with an excavator was stuck under a railway bridge at Merlins Bridge, Haverfordwest.

Western Telegraph:

Western Telegraph:

Police and firefighters are currently in attendance, fire crews from Haverfordwest receiving the callout at 7.07pm this evening.

Police have stated the road is currently closed between Merlins Bridge and Dredgeman Hill at the railway bridge.

Diversions are currently in place via Tiers Cross or Pembroke Road.

Attempts were made to move the lorry and its excavator cargo by deflating its tyres, watched by a small crowd gathered nearby.

An eyewitness said initial attempts to free the stricken lorry and its cargo may have actually made things worse, with the crane catching on the underside of the railway bridge.

Police are diverting traffic. The lorry has been pulled into the side of the road while they re-inflate the tires.

Western Telegraph:

The road is expected to fully reopen after the road has been cleaned following the operation.

An eyewitness has said the lorry itself may be in some difficulty as the bead of the tyre was broken during an attempt to lower it by deflating the tyres.

The underside of the bridge is currently being inspected.

Western Telegraph:

A full report of the original incident may be seen here..