A FORMER clubhouse and bar in Haverfordwest could be transformed into a cookery school with links to a private secondary school.

The former Royal Antediluvian Order of the Buffalo Lodge and Snowdrop Bar at Snowdrop Lane, Haverfordwest, could become a cookery and teaching school with links to Castle School, near Narberth, under plans submitted to Pembrokeshire County Council.

A planning statement by Hayston Planning and Developments about the development said: “The Cookery and Teaching School will provide employment, education and community benefits.

“Alongside job creation in the education and administration sector, the school will have strong connections to training and job sourcing in the catering sector.

“Education provision will extend beyond Castle School pupils to include others from within the wider community.”

Castle School, founded in 2009 by Harriet Harrison, is based at Sodston Manor north of Narberth.

Mrs Harrison is listed as the applicant seeking to change the use of the clubhouse into a cookery school.

The Hayston Developments statement said there were no plans to reconfigure the outside or the inside of the building, as the current layout was fit for purpose to house two large classrooms, a reception area, a kitchen, office space, a study room, toilets and a storage area.

Repair work would need to be carried out, including replacing doors and windows and reconnecting water, gas, electricity and the phone line.

Once up and running, the school would act as a new campus for Castle School, providing lessons in cookery to pupils.

There are also plans to “provide benefit to the wider community” according to the planning statement, including by giving lessons to people who are not pupils of the school.

The former clubhouse has a large car park, which PCC recommends should be ready for use before work begins at the cookery school.

Two new disabled spaces would be designated in the car park.

Planning reference: 18/1184/PA.