D-DAY veteran Ted Owens has asked for “a period of peace and quiet” after an internet campaign which raised money for him.

The campaign came as a complete surprise to Ted who was shocked when he heard that strangers were contributing money.

But Ted became very worried and requested the appeal was stopped.

“I never expected or asked for the campaign,” said Ted, aged 94.

“It was apparently reported that I had difficulty paying living expenses and buying food, but I have never had those problems.

“I am very grateful to all those involved and to everyone who gave money but don’t want anymore. Thank you.”

Graham Beacham, who has looked after Ted for more than 20 years, said that Ted has always been well-supported by his many friends in Pembroke Dock and has never struggled to cope.

“When Ted heard that so many people were donating money he found it very distressing,” he said.

“He was worried about what people would say and did not want to go out. He’s obviously very proud and has always coped well, with all his friends around him. He actually asked for the fundraising appeal to stop.”

The internet campaign, which was launched by Oxfordshire-based photographer Glyn Dewis, raised £17,000 in Ted’s name. Ted has received just over £8,100, with Mr Dewis donating the remainder – after Go Fund Me fees – to the Veterans Charity.