PLEASE let me know I am not alone in my disgust and anger at how all our politicians have mishandled the United Kingdom’s wish to leave the European Union.

Teresa May should have gone to the EU and simply stated that the United Kingdom had voted Leave, therefore we were leaving.

If that had happened the EU would now be working extremely hard to keep in our good books, not the other way ‘round.

They have many goods they still want to sell to us, and we could have been the ones deciding what deals there would be.

Whatever we individually voted for, the majority of voters voted Leave.

We have some MPs working very hard to make the country vote a second time on this issue.

If they do succeed in getting a second vote that will mean we no longer live in a democracy.

We cannot, and should not, keep voting until those MPs get the result they want.

I am completely disgusted by how the whole process has been mishandled. Our MPs have shown how little they care what the country voted for.

They constantly talk down to us as though we cannot make our own minds up. They could not even work together within their own parties, let alone across all parties for the good of the country, and the democracy they are paid to serve.

I despair for the future and find it extremely hard to vote for any of the present parties. Unless, of course, someone comes up with a completely new party, that really cares about the United Kingdom and democracy.

Maybe we should band together and start a completely new party. If you feel as I do, please let the Western Telegraph know.

Also, contact your friends via social media.

We have to stand up for our hard-fought democracy and show our present MPs that we have had enough.


Pembroke Dock