SKOKHOLM island witnessed the awe-inspiring sight of more than 7,000 puffins arriving at the island, the highest number for some 60 years.

Western Telegraph:

The delightful little birds were joined by other arrivals, including thousands of Auks.

Posting on Twitter on March 19, Skokholm Island wrote: “Incoming! Over 7,300 Puffins today including our first ashore. Highest March count since the 1950s.

“This afternoon's spectacular Puffin vortex resulted in their earliest landfall in 90 years of recording on Skokholm.”

Posting on Facebook today, March 20, skokholm Island wrote: "The Puffins came in with a bang yesterday so we walked the whole coastline and counted them.

"A mighty 7,447 were rafting just below the cliffs; an amazing count and the highest March count ever! They also made first landfall-the earliest date they've dared to brave our shores in 90 years of recording."

PICTURES: Skokholm Island.