PERHAPS you don't remember, I do, the days when we had fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy produce from our own country - Great Britain.

I remember because we were small farmers producing milk for the consumption of British people.

Britain was GREAT in those days!

As soon as we joined the EU quotas were introduced.

Milk farmers were immediately affected though the general public didn't really understand what it meant because the miners were on strike at the time and received all of the publicity.

Don't get me wrong, because they really needed it, and Welsh farmers tried to help them by donating free milk.

We farmers didn't miss it because we were having to pour milk down the drain anyway, as the EU said that we were not to produce so much.

We were promised that dairy products would not be brought in from the rest of the EU.

What happened?

Almost all the yoghurts, butter and what have you comes in from abroad as do other 'fresh' foods.

Milk is now mainly produced by the big farmers as the British backbone of small milk-producing farmers has been decimated, and ll other sections of British farming are similarly affected.

Where are our orchards and fruit and vegetable farmers?

Most of them are gone, many committed suicide, and a few depending on the ethics of the general public who only buy British, as I do, and this gets more difficult every day.

Do people not realise that the EU only wants us to stay so that they can continue to milk the British Cash Cow of £billions to support and rescue less efficient nations than ourselves and to enable the EU heads to receive their enormous salaries?

We British citizens need the money to sort our own problems, such as the NHS.

Can the British public not see this?