IT will have become as much a part of the daily commute as the beautiful sunshine rolling across the Preseli hills or the dewy early morning vista across from Eglwyswrw.

Over a month ago I brought this unsightly view to the attention of Ian Westley the Chief Executive of PCC, you may be wondering what I’m talking about, I am of course referring to the county sign on the A487 (see photograph).

As someone employed in tourism and very active in promoting my local community of Solva, through a charitable festival not to mention various events etc it is disappointing that the very first impression of our county is this tired sign on the side of the road, it is hardly the proud declaration that can be exemplified by Brecon or Powys, nor RCT or even Carmarthen!

What message does this send to our visitors, is Pembrokeshire open for business?

With Brexit looming and the county about to enter another busy tourist season we should be reinforcing our brand as the beautiful tourist destination that we are, instead the county branding resembles something that may have been designed by accountants.

It is hardly eye-catching or indicative of the vibrant county we live in, less still when half the sign is missing!

Come on PCC sort it out, brand is everything in our digital age; do something creative and make our communities proud to be associated with the brand!

For too long Pembrokeshire has been a county name associated with negative press, it’s time for a rebrand and why not start by replacing this sign!


Chair, Solva Community Council