JUST a quick email further to your piece in the Western Telegraph, March 20, concerning the £4m redevelopment of Llys-y-Fran reservoir.

If I read the article correctly there are no plans for open water swimming as part of this refurbishment.

If this is so, Welsh Water is missing a huge opportunity here, as open water swimming is absolutely massive at the moment, and a simple Google of it and the health benefits thereof are well documented.

Welsh Water have an inbred dislike of swimming, even paying for radio adverts telling people not to swim in open water, prompted I presume by believing that they would have some sort of liability if someone drowned.

We do, of course, have some of the best open water swimming areas in the UK, with our coastline, but the sea is sometimes too rough, the tide in the wrong place, the current too strong, or at certain times of year the jellyfish so abundant that having a safe inland lake environment would be a huge attraction,both for the local community and holidaymakers.

Many would visit, either by car or bicycle, and there are open water spots all over the rest of the UK and Europe where people specifically camp just to have access to the fresh water swimming.

So, I would urge Welsh Water to please consider open water swimming as part of their plans.

It could easily be separated from fishing and boating areas on such a large price of water, and would considerably enhance this facility.