FIFTY-THREE pigs which were rescued from a “horror farm” in Pembroke Dock could be spared from death, as animal rights activists are in talks to adopt them.

Pembrokeshire County Council took responsibility for the pigs on March 7, following a civil court case calling for the forfeiture of the animals from their owner, Sean Burns of Rosehill Lodge, Pembroke Dock.

Western Telegraph:

During the civil hearing, the court heard the pigs would have to be destroyed due to them all having access to animal by-products, presenting a risk to public health if they found their way in to the food supply chain.

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But PCC has now said the pigs may be saved from destruction, as they are speaking to potential adopters.

“The authority can confirm that it has been approached by animal welfare campaigners who are keen to explore the possibility of saving the pigs from being destroyed and to put forward what might be an alternative solution,” said a council spokesman.

“These representations have been raised with, and are currently being considered by the Animal and Plant Health Agency and Food Standards Agency.”

Western Telegraph:

The pigs were discovered at Bramble Hall Farm, Pembroke Dock, fighting over the chained carcasses of sheep following an animal welfare operation involving PCC, the police, the Dogs Trust and the RSPCA.

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During the civil hearing, PCC also sought for 20 horses and a donkey to be put in the care of the RSPCA, 50 dogs to the Dogs Trust, and for 80 sheep and three goats to go to the county council to be sold.

Mr Burns had 21 days to appeal the decision ordering him to forfeit the animals, but this period ran out on March 29.