The RSPCA is hoping to rescue the remaining sheep stuck on the cliffs at Mathry today (Wednesday, April 10).

A week-long operation to rescue the sheep has seen many of the sheep safely returned to the farmer.

The RSPCA said they believed that the sheep may have been scared over the cliffs by a dog.

Around 40 of the 60 sheep scared over the cliffs were saved last week.

The 20 remaining sheep were believed to be in an area where they could forage for food and will be rescued today.

One sheep in a particularly precarious spot was rescued last Friday (April 5) and returned to the farmer.

RSPCA animal welfare officer Andrew Harris, who has been leading this operation, said last week: “This has been a highly complex and challenging operation to ensure these sheep are brought to safety.

"Due to the large numbers of sheep that are in need of help, the challenging location along with the difficult weather conditions, this has so far been a tough task, but we are making progress."

AWO Harris added: “We would very much like to thank everyone who has helped us this week, which once again demonstrates the strength of our multi-agency partnerships we have across Wales.”