LOCAL MP Simon Hart has acknowledged that a confirmatory public vote may be needed on Brexit.

The comments have been described as significant because Mr Hart, the MP for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, is the chairman of the Brexit Delivery Group of Conservative MPs.

Speaking last night (Wednesday), Mr Hart said that if there was a long extension to Brexit he could see a situation where a leadership challenge followed and a confirmatory vote from the public "could become the last game in town."

Mr Hart said he had previously voted against it and would vote against it again but acknowledged it could happen.

Sky News Political Correspondent Lewis Goodall, tweeted: "Tory MP Simon Hart told me earlier today he might reluctantly back the idea of a referendum on May’s deal if “it’s the only option left.” You can feel Tory MPs slowly but surely starting to shift on the idea."

Last night the UK and EU agreed an extension to October 31, although Theresa May said the UK would still aim to leave as soon as possible.