'We’re heavily undermanned and the hours stink' - a GP's startlingly honest tweet about the Pembroke Dock surgeries saw hundreds of people sharing it on social media.

Dave Wilson, a Pembroke Dock GP tweeted earlier this week hoping to encourage a doctor to come to Pembroke Dock and be a part of the practice.

In his tweet, he said: “Anyone looking to be a GP in Pembroke Dock?

“I won’t sugarcoat it, at the moment we’re heavily undermanned and the hours stink.

“However the patients are genuine, the staff are great, you make a difference and so despite it all this is why we’re still plodding...”

The tweet has been shared 149 times since it was posted on Monday, April 8.

Speaking to the Western Telegraph, Dr Wilson said it was important to be honest about the job.

“I really like my job," he said.

“People are put off by some areas, they get the wrong impression – It’s actually a very nice area to work.

“People from afar see the pictures of the beaches, but they come to Pembroke Dock and it’s not what they expected, but it’s a really nice place to work and you can have a great time here.”

By being positive about the area, Dr Wilson said he believed that the community could attract people to Pembroke Dock.

Dr Wilson, who is originally from East London, said there was plenty to enjoy about working in the Pembroke Dock surgeries, especially the people he too talks to every day.

“It’s nice to be able to help people,” he said

"Personally, I enjoy talking to people, and you see a variety of people every day.

"You meet a lot of interesting people and you learn as much from them as they do from you – It’s not all one way.”

By hiring more GPs, Dr Wilson hopes they could address some of the criticisms levelled against them and reach out more into the community.

“We’re not blind to the criticisms levelled at us," he said.

“If we got more people in we could do more of the things we want to do – we want to do things like visiting the children in schools.”

Dr Wilson praised the staff, saying Pembroke Dock only runs as well as it does because of the work they do.

Offering advice for any GP who was considering the area, Dr Wilson said: “Come here.

“If you are looking for a community where you can make a huge difference and wanted to make a mark on how things are run in the future there a really good team here to help you do that.

“If you want a challenge, this is the place to be - It’s hard work, but it’s rewarding work."