SO, Derek Griffith, Western Telegraph April 3, believes we would be better off controlled by Brussels than London?

Is this the reasoning that saw Leanne Wood think that the Tories were responsible for the Salisbury poisoning?

Does he really hate the English that much?

Does he really believe that third-rate unelected British-hating foreigners are going to do us any favours?

Doesn't he want a country that has its own border controls, control over our finances and tax systems?

Apparently not!

No doubt Mr Griffiths drives a foreign car, rides a foreign bike, watches a foreign-made TV, cuts his grass with a foreign-made lawnmower, and all his garden tools are all foreign-made when it is quite easy to buy British is you look around and are inclined to do so, believing that by buying British you are creating jobs for the future.

Keep your hang-ups to yourself Mr Griffiths and your hatred and prejudices.

Yours, a Second world War veteran,

British and proud of it.