THIS morning I listened to a weak debate on ITV.

Three members of our political decision-making group discussed what is going to happen next.

They cannot get themselves in order, in agreement, so what hope do we have with them contributing to our country’s final decision in either staying in or getting out of the EU?

Dr Liam Fox stated “…that Government needs to set up a new approach. People have no trust in Government”.

How much longer do we have to listen to this open discussion?

We need action!

Nigel Farage is the only person who can see clearly, as he is sitting with these representatives in the EU Parliament.

He appreciates that as long as this crucial decision-making argument continues it is costing our country money and we are getting nowhere.

What a laughing stock this Government has caused our country to become.

We must clear the board and leave; get a new, fresh government who can take us forward successfully.

D Phillips,