WITH reference to the Western Telegraph letter: ‘Councillors should resign over blot on the landscape,’ being a resident of Newport myself, I agree with much of what was said in the above-titled letter, particularly these two following comments.

"There are plenty of other areas in the town that would be suitable for housing, however, when council homes come available in the town, they are awarded to strangers from afar, and not local people.

"It is easy for the ‘strangers,’ with no connection to the town, be it on the board of Wales & West Housing, or the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park development committee, to give permission for such a development, however none of them has probably visited the site, and none of them has to look at it on a daily basis. If this was built in their home towns, they would not be happy."

As for the councillors apologising and resigning, I doubt very much that this will happen.

However, in any future elections perhaps the voters should elect truly local people with a strong connection and love of the town.


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