AFTER seeing the April 24 copy of the Western Telegraph and your report on the Pembrokeshire teacher who was arrested for protesting in London, I would like to express my support for her action.

Over the past few weeks there has been a growing reportage in the national and local press about the danger that adverse climate change poses for us all.

Initially this has been hidden by the fuss over Brexit but now it seems the crisis can no longer be hidden away and action is essential.

Many county councils have declared a “climate emergency”, nationally and internationally children and young people have been protesting in order to draw attention to the problem, new protest groups are being formed and established organisations such as Friends of the Earth are taking widespread action.

BBC prime time TV has broadcast scientific information. It is high time we for us to sit up and listen to what is going on.

Unfortunately, the Brexit fiasco has shown politicians to be self-centred and incapable of real effective action on our behalf.

I therefore share the frustration expressed by “the Pembrokeshire teacher” in your report.

It is time we all protested at a broken political system which forces people on to the streets to get effective action.

We ignore Climate Change at our peril!