ARE readers aware of the stance of Neil Hamilton AM on climate change and ecological breakdown?

Mr Hamilton believes that warming is “just a matter of natural climate change,” despite current temperatures being well above what could be explained by natural cycles.

I confess that I am not a climate scientist, but then again neither is he.

He scorns the IPCC reports, which are based on thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies, referencing instead three notorious climate change deniers’ websites.

He argues that Wales has minimal CO2 impact.

We are in no position to put pressure on other countries though, until we put our own house in order.

Incidentally, our impact is not so small once you take account of imports.

Mr Hamilton expresses concern for the living standards of people on low incomes, and of course these are not the people who should foot the bill for decarbonising.

Politicians need to manage the necessary rapid, large-scale changes in a way that provides fairness and security. Vast sums were thrown at the banking crisis; money can surely be found to safeguard our children’s future.