ANTI-SOCIAL behaviour has led to the closure of the young person's zone at Haverfordwest's Riverside library.

A new study area will be located in the former young people’s zone, which is being removed following continuing problems of anti-social behaviour at at Glan-yr-Afon/ The Riverside library.

“We actively welcome young people to the library, but unfortunately a minority have consistently misused the zone and have behaved in a completely unacceptable way, which has spoiled it for other young people,” said Pembrokeshire County Council Head of Leisure and Cultural Services Mike Cavanagh.

“We have had numerous complaints from other library users about this anti-social behaviour and have tried various strategies to deal with it, but with limited success.

“As a result, the space will become a more open study area with desks for all library customers.

“The new facility has been a phenomenal success since opening in December, but the continued anti-social behaviour issues have taken some of the gloss off what has otherwise been an unbelievably positive start.”

The area will be closed off for up to six weeks while the remodelling takes place.

During the works, some of the young adult books will temporarily be moved to the ‘quick read’ area by the coffee shop.

Others will be retained on the shelving near the former young people’s zone.

After the works are complete, the young adult books will all be relocated to a specific zone in the central area of the library.