VOTERS go to the polls next week to elect four Members of the European Parliament to represent the whole of Wales.

Voters will have one vote to cast for one of the eight registered parties listed on the ballot paper.

Candidates are elected by proportional representation, so voters do not vote for individual candidates.

Voters are reminded to take their poll card with them to their designated polling station and hand it to the Presiding Officer or one of the Poll Clerks on duty.

The designated polling station is printed on the card.

Even if a voter has mislaid the poll card, he or she will still be entitled to vote providing they are registered.

A voting mark should be in the form of a cross placed in the box adjacent to the party they wish to vote for. Voters should then place the marked paper in the ballot box.

Polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm on Thursday, May 23. There will be 112 operating in Pembrokeshire.

Each of the 22 local authority areas in Wales will conduct their own counts on Sunday, May 26. This is because voting in parts of mainland Europe takes place on that day.

When they have completed their counts, Local Returning Officers will inform the Regional Returning Officer for Wales, Mr Ian Westley, of the result of the count in their area.

The result for the Wales electoral region will then be declared by Mr Westley.

Local results cannot be announced before 10pm as this is the time that polls close in some parts of Europe.